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    Monument Guarantee

    Our Guarantee To You

    Stone Tributes By Lisovetsky guarantees that this monument was manufactured using the highest quality granite available at the time in terms of brilliance and uniformity in color and clarity. 


    Stone Tributes By Lisovetsky further guarantees that the work completed on this monument, including but not limited to sawing, polishing, hand tooling, sandblast and sculpting is the highest quality available today.

    Stone Tributes By Lisovetsky certifies that this monument was inspected in our shop prior to installation and is free from defects such as chipping, cracking, and staining.

    This guarantee is valid for 10 years and is extended to the original purchaser and/or their assignees. Stone Tributes By Lisovetsky will repair or replace without charge any stone that does not conform to this guarantee. We pledge that the replacement will be of the highest quality pursuant to paragraph one and will be identical as possible to the original monument. This guarantee covers costs related to the replacement monument.

    This guarantee is limited to the quality of the stone and craftsmanship. 

    Stone Tributes of Lisovetsky will not be liable for vandalism, accumulation of dirt, lack of or poor maintenance, fading color agents (if used), flood, atmospheric conditions, or other acts of nature.

    This guarantee becomes null if any kind of work is done on the monument by anybody other than the authorized representative of Stone Tributes By Lisovetsky.

    This guarantee does not cover foundations that are made by the cemetery.

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